Implementation Process

  1. Assess the Disinfection Project

    1. Experienced field manager will evaluate (Visit or Phone Interview) the building property

    2. Field manager recommend a specific CDC recommended cleaning and disinfection plan and filter replacement plan

  2. Scheduling office will coordinate the site visit and access the site

  3. Site customized Plan

    1. Based on building and property types (residential or commercial), DisinfectionSquad field technicians will implement a standard disinfection’s eight (8) step procedures

    2. When a contaminant is known to have been present, Disinfection Squad protocol will ensure proper sequential cleaning and disinfection for proactive, preventative cleaning.

  4. Safety and Wellness of Clients and Field Technicians

    1. Safety is job #1, DisinfectionSquad team will us proper protective equipment and wearables at all times to ensure on-site safety while client's property is disinfected

  5. Clean up and Disinfection

    1. DisinfectionSquad team disinfect the property and the building as outlined by the CDC

    2. DisinfectionSquad team technicians will clean and then start disinfection from the farthest corner utilizing chemicals that are known to destroy viral pathogens (including Coronavirus)

  6. Biohazard Containment & Disposal

    1. In orchestrated procedure, DisinfectionSquad team technicians will clean the equipment and cleaning materials will be staged and stored in Compostable Organic Waste Biobag in a pre-designated area for safe removal and disposal to eliminate risk of cross contamination

  7. Completion and delivery

    1. DisinfectionSquad takes pictures or video of the site , before , during and after the procedure .

    2. Site customized Plan includes, all site documentations and a guide clients should follow to ensure that disinfecting chemicals applied automatized fluid and chemicals have been given enough time to be effective before resuming the use of your building or property.

  8. Return Visits

    1. If needed or required, DisinfectionSquad will return to the site for weekly , monthly or quarterly schedule disinfection. Emergency response and services are available.

Our critical Best Disinfection Services are ideal for businesses that have had COVID-19 exposure. Our experts will work with you to understand your unique facility, processes, and needs so that we can determine the appropriate level of protection and disinfection customize solution for you.