Occupancy counter and analytics

Return to work safely without invading privacy

Workplace Security, Safety & compliance management for Higher Education, Hospitality, Bars, Restaurants & work & worship places

Insure Safety and Compliance

Manage Limit capacity and trigger SMS and native notifications or visual warnings when Safe limits are exceeded. Stay in compliance with local ordinance, CDC , EPA and OSHA building occupancy requirement

Return to work safely without invading privacy

Safe is a real-time occupancy system designed by Density to measure the use of your buildings and preserve employee and customer privacy. Analytics are included .

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Protect Privacy

Unlike cameras, Density's accuracy does not come from tracking the personally identifiable information (PII) of its occupants. It is anonymous by design.

Scale Easy

Safe can handle multiple points of entry, group and bi-directional movement, unlimited nested spaces, buildings within regions, and sprawling, multi-national portfolios of any space type.

COVID 19 & Density Management

Density is a factor in this pandemic, as it has been in previous ones. The very same clustering of people that makes our great cities and work places more innovative and productive also makes them, and us, vulnerable to infectious disease.

Density.io is the Most Scale able People Counting System Accurate. Anonymous. Real-Time. Density gives you powerful, modern software to understand how your spaces are used. Managing 21st Century pandemic with 21st century technology

Safe Occupancy Monitoring for Essential Services Retailers

COVID-19 is compelling business owners to be more diligent than ever with their space monitoring. Join Density for a 20 min webinar to learn how real-time people count can help essential service retailers abide by social distancing policies and adjust business practices to better serve their patrons.

• Intro

• Product Demo

• How grocers and essential retailers are using data to adapt to the current crisis and prepare for the future

• Q&A

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CEO Interview Series: Safely Returning to Work

Density CEO Andrew Farah and Peter Van Emburgh, Global Lead of Corporate Workplace and Facilities at CBRE, discuss how companies are navigating the challenges of returning to the workplace after the COVID-19 crisis.

- Addressing employee concerns about COVID-19

- Maintaining social distance within the office

- Implementing permanent WFH policies for certain teams

- Preparing for future pandemics, workplace disruptions, and other threats to employee health and safety

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