Disinfection is a Science & Techniques not just Cleaning or Sanitizing

We researched, tested all product and services offered to be based on CDC, EPA & FDA guidelines but It’s critical that you know the difference between disinfection, decontamination vs. Sensitization and cleaning in order to establish to choose the best non toxic produces, equipment , Kits or end to end service plan for your application and facility.

Download our disinfection, decontamination vs. Sensitization and cleaning guide to understand when it’s acceptable to use a janitorial service and when you need to call the experts at Disinfection Squad.

We Researched, Field Tested the Best Non Toxic Solutions and Products to Save You Time, Cost and Keep you Safe.. long term.

Disinfection Squad Safety Engineers are certified by CSEM ( Center for Safety & Environmental Management) for Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER).

Our safty engineers with help of the most experience experts have Researched, Field Tested and selected the best non toxic solutions, products and equipment based on CDC, EPA & FDA guidelines

Why?, We all know our strategy an approach fighting this invisible enemy have to be for long term since virus can even defeat vaccines

Our Responsibility

We all know our companies respond to this crisis is a defining moment that will be remembered for decades.

Employees, clients and customers are on the Front Lines during the COVID-19 Crisis. We all have to take the best percussion and have the best practices to keep the work and business environments fully disinfected and clean as best as possible.

We recommend you engage a disinfection Squad professional to keep your homes, Business and/or buildings safe, during and post-Covid-19

Our safety engineers can assist you with Consultation and training in regulatory issues.

We are your best Disinfection team .