How To Grow A Stale and Stagnant Business?

You know the adage, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. If your business's growth has staled and stagnated due to COVID-19 pandemic, you need new vision, new ideas, new technology and solutions to go back to the market place, fast!

In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity!

You might have grate support staff and managers but what you need to have a visionary to revers engineer your organization for the new normal and new economy. You know by now COVID-19 will be with us for sometimes now!

In midst of all the current uncertainties, you need to set clear financial goals for 2021 to 2026 and build plan an Reopen for success by new business vision .

We get it, it is going to be challenging but we are here to help you with a Multi prongs technology and solution focused on reopening and business continuity which is designed to improve health and reduce business liability and add to the bottom line fast .

Leaving your offices and workspace unused and staying out of the game are not viable strategies. Open up to something new.

For many businesses, the prospect of renting an office space is daunting (and expensive). Having space and not using it is more challenging.

Many companies will work remotely until there’s a vaccine for COVID-19, and employees might be reluctant to return to the office even after the pandemic ends.

Coworking spaces provide solutions that allow businesses to function and grow, even if they’re not ready for a long-term commitment or traditional office.

These spaces allow businesses to maintain a designated workspace for a few employees at a time without the costs associated with leasing commercial real estate.

You can Transfer your exiting space to a Co-working expense , creating working environment that is not only safe but also Generate revenue from your exiting commitment and or assets.

Fast And Secure Way to Transfer Your Facility

Retooling For A New Normal!

Reopening and business Continuity: Going back to work is necessary for recovery, and also moves the company closer to retooling for a new normal. With the future in mind, returning to work does not mean returning to the old ways of doing things. We assist leadership teams build on experience to bring back a stronger, more focused, more resilient company.

Reopening and business Continuity:

Bring your employees back to work safely by reducing infections and preventing outbreaks with Coronavirus. We help you with retooling for a new normal.

  • Employee Education

  • Compliance

  • AI powered Screening & Monitoring

  • Symptom tracking

  • Contact tracing

  • Access control

  • Monitoring & People Tracking

  • Proactive Alerts (less staff onsite)

  • Most Used Spaces Map

  • Non toxic disinfectant solutions

  • Delivery & Spay systems

  • Covid Office Furniture Solutions

  • Cloud based work at home Data, Video, Phone Communications and Collaborations systems.

We Assist You To Plan, Provide All Needed To Safely Execute Your (Re)Opening & Business Continuity! We Customize For You.

Where the Money is going to come from?

11 Tips for Creating Your Own Profitable Co-working Space Using Your Existing Space

  1. Focus on Safety and Compliance, then invest

  2. Right tool your facility for the right community

  3. Focus on community, then space

  4. Focus on social distancing space - office building—and transforms it into smaller offices and common areas

  5. Focus on function, then business

  6. Focus on space and functionality

  7. Focus on utilities, then furniture

  8. Focus on local, then beyond

  9. Get local help

  10. Consult with disinfection expert

  11. Consult veteran founders

Generate New Revenue

Covid and its after effects generate many freelancers and Startups, digital nomads, and part-time workers which are interested in meeting various needs in a coworking space, there are various revenue streams that you can set up through your services. Since coworking spaces are built for safety, Compliance and versatility, they can be easily transformed from a business center to a multi-purpose event space. Revenue sources are many:

  1. Lease of repurposed space

  2. Membership Tiers

  3. Space plans

    1. Shared-desk plan

    2. Dedicated desk plan

    3. Small private office

    4. Mid-sized private office

    5. Large private office

  4. Revenue from

    1. Coffee and tea

    2. Snacks/meals

    3. Social events

    4. Sit-stand desks

    5. "Fun" elements such as games

    6. Gyms/exercise facilities

    7. Pet-friendly amenities

  5. Offering Services to Non-Members

  6. More...