COVID-19 Pandemic “Employer Playbook" for a Safe Reopening”!

Delivering Best Practices & Strategic Guidance Amid At Covid19 Disruption

Employer Playbook" for a Safe Reopening

In March of 2020, most businesses assumed that SARS-CoV-2 was a type of influenza virus which would have disappeared or at least slowed its spread like past pandemics had, allowing them to resume business operations.

This did not happen!

Now, we need a playbook, Strategies, Techniques to (Re) open or wait. How long that is a Good question. Companies like Google have announced they are planning for summer of 2021.

For the majority of businesses this is not possible.

Good news is that there are guidance, techniques and technologies that could help Employers & Managers to prepare for Reopening Their Businesses and Support a Safe, Clean Working Environment.

Where to start?

Best Practices

First step is clearly employee COVID19 training.

California Department of Public Health (“CDPH”) published an Employer Playbook (the “Playbook”) to “give employers the tools they need to open safely and mitigate risks associated with COVID-19.”

We recommend employers to review their city and county websites, or consult their county or LHD, to ensure that they are following the most up-to-date guidance in their jurisdiction.

We have list a state by state of LHD websites is available here.

These Playbooks are not intended to revoke or repeal any worker rights, either statutory, regulatory, or collectively bargained, nor is it a substitute for any existing safety and health-related regulatory requirements, such as those in Occupational Safety and Health (“Cal/OSHA”).

Employers should also be aware of the United States Centers for Disease Control’s (“CDC”) reopening guidance for employers, which is available here.

A Plan For Your Business (Re) Opening

To build your plan and playbook, we offer a comprehensive program outlining possible steps employers should take to ensure the safety of employees, workspace and the public, the Playbook outlines processes to protect , monitor, disinfect workplace and identify new cases of COVID-19 in the workplace and, when they are identified, to intervene quickly and work with public health authorities to halt the spread of the virus. The Playbook’s guidance is out line below. The following three steps is designed to assist you.

Our program


We believe, regardless of whether an employer’s business operations were interrupted as a result of COVID-19, all employers must develop a written workplace plan that:

A- Is specific to the employer’s workplace;

B- Identifies all areas and job tasks with potential exposure to COVID-19.

C- Includes control measures to eliminate or reduce such exposure.

D- Maintains healthy business operations.

E- Maintains a healthy work environment.

F- Provides effective training for employees, and

G- Encourages employees to give input into an effective workplace plan.

Risk Assessment

There are checklists and detailed industry-specific guidelines for businesses that are permitted to reopen under the Resilience Road map to consult in developing their workplace plans. All facilities must

A- Be specific to the employer’s workplace.

B- Identifies all areas and job tasks with potential exposure to COVID-19

C- Includes control measures to eliminate or reduce such exposure

D- Maintains healthy business operations

E- Maintains a healthy work environment

F- Provides effective training for employees

G- Encourages employees to give input into an effective workplace plan

COVID19 Workplace Safety & Prevention Technologies.

COVID19 Workplace Disinfection

Disinfection Squad is your best Disinfection team

Our critical Disinfection Service is ideal for businesses that have had COVID-19 exposure. Our experts will work with you to understand your unique facility, processes, and needs so that we can determine the appropriate level of protection and disinfection customize solution for you.