We are not a Franchise Opportunity

Own your Own Business not a Franchise

Disinfection Squad business opportunities are not a franchise. You are the owner of the business and everything in it. As you know the best franchise opportunities are expensive and come with many laws and franchise restrictions. With Disinfection Squad you are buying your own business.

Start a New Business or Add Massive Value To Your Exiting Business.

Our mission in Disinfecting squad is to provide people in residential or commercial properties with services or products which are safe, needed and useful to disinfect their environment as often as desire using trained and certified professional to eliminate cross contaminations that is part of traditional cleaning ( i.e mopping )

If you have existing business Disinfecting Squad can add value to your exiting offering, you just need to retain your staff and equip them with tools they need which we will support you on daily basis . People do not like dealing with disinfecting surfaces and environment and using Lysol very so often is not a long term solution . Our disinfecting techniques do not require touching surfaces and it is safe.

If you want to start new business and be independent Disinfecting Squad can help you to build your business from ground up . You know with the spread of virus fears around the country, it should come as no surprise that professional cleaning services that sanitize any space that require many people to be there such as offices, restaurants, senior care centers, dental offices, doctor offices, clinics, and homes are in high demand.

Be a Business Owner Not a Franchisee

You will have 100% control over all facets of your business. Since we are NOT a franchise there are no ongoing fees or royalties, but you do receive daily ongoing customer service support and access to the supply chain and purchasing network which are the core benefits of a franchise.

From the start you have total control over all decisions regarding the your disinfecting business, including website content , location, store size & layout, timing of opening, merchandise, advertising, marketing,

Your brand store name, etc. Disinfection Squad is offering you the best business opportunity to become a small business owner in the new normal age . Why to pay lots of money and buy a franchise when you can be an independent owner and controller of your own business?

More Human, More Virus, More Demand for Disinfection Services and Products

Coronavirus and viruses are not good for business — unless you own a specialized disinfection company company.

2020 will bring a number of big changes to virtually every industry, and forward-thinking entrepreneurs can capitalize on major trends to launch new, successful businesses.

People in homes, schools and all kind of businesses are scrambling to clean and disinfect their spaces.

The explosive growth of the human population—from 2.5 billion to 7.7 billion since the second half of the 20th century— have already started changing how infectious diseases emerge. Thus population increase, urbanization, the aging population and increased travel, increased interaction between humans and animals that give rise to new viruses and diseases

Market trends and study shows

  • Increasing Focus on Safety, Health & Sanitation Drives Demand for Surface Disinfectants and services

  • Essential Role of Surface Disinfection in Addressing Resistance to Antimicrobial Agents

  • Potential Risks from E. coli Outbreaks, Drug-Resistant Germs, Covina virus and future inexplicable Viruses Steer Demand for Antimicrobial Disinfectants and services

World population increase

Freedom From Franchise Restrictions

Franchises might offer some benefits, but the Disinfection Squad business team helps you get all of that without the franchisers micromanagement and penalty fees.

You’re in control and you decide how to manage the day to day business. There are no restrictions on the products you may offer, how your virtual and actual store looks, or how you operate your business Profit. Disinfection Squad puts over 70 + years of experience behind you to finance, find customers, make sales, deliver services, sell products and even fian a location, and operate your business. Our business packages are all inclusive and include all you may need.

Our services includes business setup, business acceleration, Operations, In office training, field training , certification, distinction machines, supplies, clothing and safty gears, marketing advertising , business set up and IT Support.