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Are you interested in growing your business and (Re) Open to new opportunities? Learn more about how joining the Disinfection Squad network benefits you, your network and businesses.

Major Challenges for Entrepreneurs in the Time of COVID-19

As the COVID-19 continues its disruption, the livelihood of many entrepreneurs and small business owners has been threatened. According to a recent Goldman Sachs survey, 50% of business owners that were surveyed said they didn’t think they could continue business operations for more than three months. However statement of the problem is not a solution

Solution - Turn COVID-19 Solutions into a Viable Business

COVID-19 is not a short term challenge, thus building solutions and opportunity to address the new need for better hygiene and (Reopening). Disinfection Squad business model and innovation is designed to address a long-term problem with a new Market & Trends.

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity” - Art of A War

The Road Map. Taking Action and Moving Forward!

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As a proven industry training and project deployment leader, Disinfecting Squad and its network of expert safety, decontamination, disinfection trainers, expert contractors, marketing specialist and supply chain are to help you build your residential and commercial disinfection business. We support you with specific products, Technology solutions , education and and training designed and focus in Coronavirus (COVID19)


There are thousands of contractors ( low voltage, home improvement, Tenant improvement , Air conditioning ....etc. ) , across the United states looking for proven, trustworthy experienced resources to grow their business.

The Covid-19 crisis enveloping millions of people around the world is also presenting an unlikely business opportunity for disinfecting billions of cubic feet of commercial and residential real estate.

For the past couple of months, COVID-19 has been causing panic around the world. Deaths are on the rise and the number of people and countries affected by the COVID-19 pandemic increase by the minute. Here's a sneak peek at the most dangerous viruses and epidemics of the past decade such as 1)Swine Flu, 2)Ebola, 3)Zika, 4) Corona, 5)New Coronavirus (COVID-19) and clearly due to population and new transportation, this will speed up so as the demand for clean workplaces and homes.

Join Disinfection Squad connection’s network of over 6,000 contractors, and you’ll be able to build your custom profile outlining the areas of service you will cover and what commercial or residential area you can provide for insurance and disinfection services.

We are not a franchise organization; therefore costs are minimal to join our network. After the initial application fee, you only pay fees for work you perform, which we consider our "pay as you grow" approach.

Once activated, you will receive new referrals that come from our off page national portal ( Residential and Commercial) and database of local building owners & building managers ( Commercial) and consumers generally interested in staying safe and well.

Members of the Disinfecting Squad network are eligible for value-added affinity programs, disinfecting hardware, product and solution, training and education ( know how) that include material purchase rebate programs, discounts on industry equipment, tools and services.

In addition, all members are invited to the annual Disinfecting Squad Conference & Expo, which provides educational sessions and networking opportunities with contractors, insurance carriers and service providers.

Success Builder Process

Making Your disinfection Business a Success with safety and disinfection training & certification program. Training design to learn skills and knowledge required for operating disinfection tools & solutions. Tools and disinfection solutions, Field training on how to get the best results. Operations, sales and marketing tools and support ... A- Z . Disinfection is a science, not just a craft

Disinfection Hardware, Chemical Solutions and Technology Systems

We provide training, disinfection chemicals, delivery systems by focusing on disinfecting common areas that are touched more often and hallways. We also offer A-Z of Electronics Social Distancing , Monitoring, Thermal detection systems, training, installations and support nationwide.

Running Operational Tools & support

Business Builder - Your business management suite, All you need to run your daily operations A-Z - simple to use at low cost . An scalable suite of cloud-based tools and apps assisting you with collaborations, communications, field service solution designed for small and midsize businesses. The solution offers features like scheduling, invoicing, a client database, quotes and more..... A-Z

Modern Technologies For Managing COVID-19 Pandemic & Compliance

Disinfection Squad Technology team Research , Test and Deploy the best Science and technology of data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence design to Manage and battle COVID-19 at work place. We offer various aspects of modern technology used to fight against COVID-19 crisis at different scales, including Thermal image processing, Social distancing, Entry testing, Proximity Tracking, Hot zone tracking, AI base Monitoring, Facility security and lock down. We support installation, national deployment and support of these systems through our national network of installers and instigators.