Disinfection Squad

  • The future is here, there will be no return to ordinary business, one must return to EXTRA- Ordianary business. DisinfectionSquad was founded in two principals. (New Normal & to an Extraordinary business)

  • CSEM - Establishing a foundation in Commercial and residential building and employee Safety and CDC Guided disinfection strategy and deployment and

  • Innova Corporation - A team of national trained expert insured national contractors, experts in implementation of the above safety and disinfection principles and practices.

  • Disinfection Squad provides the best class disinfection services through continuous training, and implementation of latest and best practices.

  • Businesses who use the disinfection squad are prepared into the future and beyond. We all know game has changed and can change again sooner than we anticipate

  • Disinfection Squad is your best Disinfection team

  • Our critical Disinfection Service is ideal for businesses that have had COVID-19 exposure. Our experts will work with you to understand your unique facility, processes, and needs so that we can determine the appropriate level of protection and disinfection customize solution for you.

The Innova Corporation

      • Innova Global is a 35+ year old national deployment organization with 12 subsidiaries / sister organizations and a network of more than 700 licensed professional contractors nationwide (AsOneSource).

      • Completed Rapid Rollouts and Deployments in North America, Europe, and Asia with a primary presence in the entire United States from Guam to Puerto Rico and Alaska to the Virgin Islands.

      • We have collectively and successfully completed more than 20 million hours of project delivery and deployment .. Read more


      • Center for Safety & Environmental Management, Inc. (CSEM) offers a broad range of safety, health, and environmental management services.

      • CSEM specializes in developing and delivering high-quality safety programs for corporate, non-profit, and government organizations through on site and webinar training classes. We are also creating a 24/7 on demand training program to help save money and time for our clients.