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How much is COVID-19 business stagnation costing you?

Turn key solutions for hybrid office and workforce.

We help you work safe and emerge smarter. It’s time to rethink how business works & rebuild fast.

By now you know work will never be the same again for foreseeable future and after Covid-19

Are getting the timing right, the added cost of safety regulations, bringing back staff, the new workspace technology, managing liability, business continuity, losing revenue, reoccurring lease and NNN among your main concerns? Stakes are high!

We get it, reopen intelligently & safely are our forte!

Do not worry, we will assist to reduce your liabilities and provide all needed to safely execute your (re)opening & business continuity plan without any stress and fast!

We accelerate business continuity, recovery, COVID-19 retooling and assist you to open up your work & office space safe & fast !

Get your workspace and workforce COVID Ready!

Bring your employees back to work safely by reducing infections and preventing outbreaks with Coronavirus. We help you with retooling for the new normal.

Employee Education


AI powered Screening & Monitoring

Symptom tracking

Contact tracing

Access control

Monitoring & People Tracking

Proactive Alerts (less staff onsite)

Most Used Spaces Map

Non toxic disinfectant solutions

Delivery & Spay systems

Covid Office Furniture Solutions


Cloud based work at home Data, Video, Phone Communications and Collaborations systems.

Don't Be Confused By COVID-19 Fake Information. Make Your Own Playbook And Strategy To Win!

Disinfection Squad, The New, Better Way to Fight COVID-19, (Re)Open Your Business Fast, Improve Clients And Employees Health and Reduce Liabilities.

CDA, EPA and FDA Compliance Strategies.

We have researched and create a movement to get businesses open, employees back to work, and keep homes safe from Coronavirus without risking the health of your customers, employees, or families.

Disinfection Squad's experienced team of Trained and Certified Professionals & Engineers provide Best-in-Class Indoor Environmental Disinfection Education, Training, Products & Services for both Commercial & Residential Buildings!

Touch-less Sanitizing, Disinfection, & Technology Deployment Services and products

We Help You Save Time To (Re)Open Your Business And Fight Viruses & Bacteria with 21st Century Solutions, Techniques & Technologies.

Returning to the Office Has Never Been Safer!

Our mission: At Disinfection Squad, we are focused to create a movement to get businesses open, employees back to work, and keep homes & businesses safe from Coronavirus (Covid19) without risking the health of customers, employees, or families.

Reopening and business Continuity: Going back to work is necessary for recovery, and also moves the company closer to retooling for a new normal. With the future in mind, returning to work does not mean returning to the old ways of doing things. We assist leadership teams build on experience to bring back a stronger, more focused, more resilient company.